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Muztagh Tower 1956

At the end of May, the team established basecamp on the Muztagh Glacier, about a mile and a half from the Baltoro Glacier. Through the first half of June, they established camp I and camp II on the Chagarau Glacier. They then pushed up to establish camp III on the west col of the tower. The camp was established on 16 June, but only occupied from the 30 June after significant supplies had been ferried there. From here they encountered the most difficult section of the climb, tackling the ridge between the south and north face to establish camp IV on the crest of the west ridge. From here, the final sections of insecure climbing were dispatched, with the party reaching the west and east summits on the 6 and 7 July respectively.

May - July 1956
John M. Hartog, Ian G. McNaught-Davis, Joe Brown and Dr T. W. Patey

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