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Raru Valley

The side valley of the Raru in the Zanskar region is little explored, but reputed to have 35 unclimbed peaks between 5600m and 6300m. The team’s first objective was Lama Jimsa Kangri whose summit (at which they recorded a height of 6276m) was reached by two different routes, but they were disappointed to find a cairn and other evidence of a previous ascent, probably from the North. An attempt on an unnamed 5700m peak on the south side of the valley was abandoned ar 5570m due to difficulties and fatigue. In all they attempted seven routes, (including three first ascents) and reached 4 summits.

August - September 2011
Jonathan Moodie with Jonathan Bull, Robin Jones, Kunal Masania, Joe Prinold, Virgil Scott and Dominic Southgate (UK)

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