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Shipton's Lost Valley

In 1934, Eric Shipton and Bill Tilman made a lightweight crossing of the Badrinath-Kedarnath watershed: before completing it, they ran out of food and had to live on bamboo shoots. Due to the introduction of the 'inner line', a repeat of the epic journey has not been possible until the present team received its permit. By carrying adequate provisions they managed to avoid such extreme measures. From Satopanth Col, c5,450m, they made the first ascent of Pt. 5758m, which they propose naming 'Shipton's Peak'. Beyond the col, they experienced extremely wild jungle and hill country - a real wilderness- but nevertheless completed the trip in 14 days. Although they found signs of hunters (and much evidence of bears), apart from two nude holy men living under boulders on Satopanth Glacier, they saw no one else during their journey.

May - June 1998
Martin Moran with Brede Arkless, John Harvey, Ben Lovett and Sobat Singh Rana, with Pete Francis, C S Pandey, John Shipton [son of Eric] and Heera Singh in support

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