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South Karakoram 1957

This expedition's principle aim was to explore and survey potential approaches to the previously unvisited Haramosh (7409m). From a basecamp near the Mani Glacier, they reconnoitred the north and west approaches to the mountain but were unable to find a viable route. The expedition then turned its attention to a ridge which appeared to run to the summit from the east. Having established four camps on the ridge, Jillott, Emery, Culbert, and Streather made a push to a subsiduary peak at roughly 22,000ft. From here they could see the remainder of the route to the summit, but judged that it would be impassable due to broken snow formations and the steepness of the ridge. Soon after, Jillott and Emery were avalnched, falling around 1,000 feet. They were not badly injured, but efforts to rescue them were unsuccessful and eventually they perished.

July - September 1957
Tony Streather, Bernard Jillott, John Emery, Rae Culbert of New Zealand and Scott Hamilton from the US

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