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The first ascents of one or more peaks of around 6000m above the Virjerab Glacier in the Pakistan Karakorum. The team trekked to base camp from Shimshal village. Thompson and DeBerger attempted a route on the N face of Peak 6140 in the Spregh Yaz Valley, but were forced to retreat at 5100m due to snow conditions and avalanche danger. The full team then attempted a route on the W face of Peak 6020 in the Chot Pert Nala. At 5900m Thompson was climbing a snow ridge, and triggered two big avalanches. He fell, but managed to stopp himself using and ice axe brake, so they retreated. The full team made the first ascent of Peak 6104 (Harjoldur Sar) by the South couloir and West ridge at Alpine PD.

June - July 2015
Pete Thompson, Phil De Berger, and Aiden Laffey

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