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Wall to Wall

The objective was the establishment of new routes in the Fox Jaw Cirque, Trillingerne, East Greenland. The team were flown to the island of Kulusuk from Reykyavik, and continued by boat to the head of Tasilq Fjord. A base camp was established close to the Cirque. The team successfully completed a total of four new routes of up to 400m, three on Baby Molar and one on Left Rabbit Ear, and made attempts on a further three routes. These were aborted when the apparently safe lines ran out. Repeats of longer routes of 600m on Incisor were also attempted, but not completed. The climbing was generally bold high quality slab climbing with long run-outs on gneiss of variable quality. There is still a great deal of climbing potential with hard lines on the most accessible formations, and much more in the more remote locations.

July - August 2014
Cath Alldred, Sion Brocklehurst, Robert Durran, Pat Ingram, and Simon Smith

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