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Welsh Himalayan Expedition

After an overland journey to Nepal by car, the expedition was derailed when, on 21 October, Wignall and Harrop, along with their liaison officer Damodar, sherpa guide Koila and three porters crossed the Tibetan border. They were spotted by Chinese troops and on 22 October, Wignall, Harrop and Damodar were detained. Their intent had been an attempt on Gurla Mandhatta (7728m), the highest peak in Tibet which they had codenamed "Conway". The trio were held for nearly two months before being released at the border and left to make their own perilous journey back to India.

July 1955 - January 1956
Sydney Wignall, Humfrey Berkeley, George Dwyer, John Harrop, John Henson and Geoffrey Roberts

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