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Certain valleys in the Zanskar region of Ladakh have only recently been opened to foreign expeditions, so although the peaks were identified and numbered by Japanese trekkers in 2011, none had been climbed. This team set out to explore peaks in the Namkha Tokpo valley. They discovered that south facing slopes had little snow in August, and many were composed of loose rock or scree, so they concentrated on the north side of the valley. They were successful in making the first ascents of G22 East Peak (5650m) via its snowy Eastern Ridge (AD), G22 West Peak (6150m) by its NW Ridge (AD) and Peak G23 (5750m) by its rocky Western Ridge (AD).

July - August 2012
Dr Susan Jensen with Geoff Cohen, Bob Hamilton, Steve Kennedy, Andy Nisbet & Des Rubens plus Nancy Kennedy

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