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1997 Scottish Torssuqatoq Spires

The rock spires of Cape Farewell have become very popular with British climbers over recent years. After several flights and a boat trip from Nanortalik, this team set up Base Camp at the head of Narssap Sarqa Fjord. On the first night, their main tent was destroyed by a gale, so they moved into a dilapidated hut instead. Fortunately from then on the weather was generally very good and, as a a result, the team achieved an incredible eight free big-wall climbs of 400m to 800m on Agdlerussakasit, 1,763m; Magic Arrow, 1,200m; Maujit Qaqarssuasia (1,560m); Navianorpoq, 1,550m; and Tikaguta, 1,350m — all up to ED2 and AD2.

July - August 1997
Pete Benson with Andy Benson, Kenton Cool and Al Powell

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