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British Tasermiut Fjord 2008

This team hoped to establish high standard alpine big wall routes in the Cape Farewell area, in particular on the 500m-600m west faces of the Minster (1940m) and Cathedral (2030m). However, on accessing the area they discovered that the rock was very shattered, so abandoned their primary objectives and concentrated on climbing from an underdeveloped valley by the Hermelnbjerg (1,912m) and Tininnertuup (1,725m) groups of mountains. On these they were successful in putting up seven new routes with grades up to E5 6b and also repeated two other routes. In addition, Gutzat carried out a survey of wildlife in the area while Vybiral, a visual anthropologist, filmed the expedition, planning to use the footage to produce both an anthropological piece as well as a conventional climbing film.

July - August 2008
Ged Desforges, Dan McManus, Tom Spreyer, Tony Stone, Es Tresidder, James Vybiral & Ruben Gutzat

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