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British Australian Torssukatak Spires 2003

This team of rock climbers selected the Cape Farewell area for their first visit to Greenland. A new 1,400m E3 5c route 'The Cruise Line', was achieved on The Thumbnail (E face of Agdlerussakasit, first climbed by Ian Parnell's team 00/35), plus several other fancifully-named rock routes. Two peaks also received their first ascents, Mark, 'Called into Question', 450m E2 5b and The Butler, 'The Cripple and the Tortoise', 200m E2 5c A1. All routes were climbed on-sight without the use of fixed ropes, pegs or bolts.

July - August 2003
Jon Roberts with Dewi Durban, James Mehican, plus Richard Sonnerdale from Australia.

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