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Alpine Club Ak-Shirak on Ski

Based on his experience of Kazakhstan in 2003 (MEF 03/30) and 2006 (MEF 06/09), this leader selected April as the most suitable month for a circuit on ski of the unexplored glacier systems of the north-eastern Ak Shirak area. Unfortunately the ubiquitous 'climate change' had caused an unusually warm winter with less snow than usual, making glacier travel more hazardous than anticipated. Despite this, the team managed to establish the feasibility of the trip, and succeeded in making the first ascents of five summits between 4,720m and 4,901m, the highest being Pik Snow Leopard.

April 2007
Dave Wynne-Jones, Stuart Gallagher, Gethin Howells, Adele Long & Gordon Nuttall

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