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This expedition was a follow-on from a trip to Mt Elbrus in 2008. [MEF Ref 08/12]: the aim was to investigate the hypothesis that normal biological variation in dynamic cerebral auto-regulation observed in the ‘healthy brain’ at sea level will identify an individual’s susceptibility to Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), which could be vital in the relief of suffering. Particular attention was paid to the differences between male and female response to altitude, something that has never been properly studied before. Data were collected from each volunteer at sea level, 3599m, 4400m and 6542m (at the summit of Sajama). Analysis continues.

July - August 2012
Naomi Dodds with Richard Allen, Prof Damian Bailey, Julien Brugniaux, Rhodri Evans, James Greig & Andrew Loftus

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