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Anglo-Canadian Rocky Mountain Speleological Expedition

In August-September 1983 ten British speleologists joined a Canadian team to explore the limestone karst cave country in the Small River area west of Mount Robson. They surveyed ten significant new caves, the longest in excess of 1.3km. The following year (July-August 1984) seven British cavers joined Canadians in exploring sinkholes in the area of Bocock Peak south of Williston Lake in the Peace River district of British Columbia. Three caves were explored, one to a depth of 253m.

1983 & 1984
Deej Lowe with Norman Flux, Linda Gough, Anne Gough, Janet Miller, Pat Langdon, Charlotte Roberts, Turfing Bruce, Neil Anderson, Richard Acton, Paul Fatherly, Tony Bennett, Andrew Bristow, Pete Robertson, Chas Yonge, Olivia Whitwell, Steve Grundy, Mike Evans, Steve Worthington, Chris pugsley, Pam Pugsley, Pam Burns, Eric Von Vorkampft, Marg Saul, Ian McKenzie, Rick Blah and Mama Pugsley