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This was a longer follow-up to APEX Bolivia 2001 [MEF 01/05], with a group of doctors and medical students continuing their research into the effects of altitude on a large group of 'volunteers' at the Chacaltaya laboratory, 5,200m above sea level. With the group split into five teams, a total of 14 separate research projects were undertaken. Although the victims might not agree, the high incidence of AMS experienced during the expedition provided excellent scope for the researchers, who will be busy for some time analysing the results of their studies. Following their participation in the medical research, the volunteers were free to travel in Bolivia, and a number of peaks between 5,500m and 6,500m were climbed by traditional routes.

August - October 2003
Dr Roger Thompson with Dr Luciano Bernardi, Gaia Casucci, Sorrel Cosens, David Hope-Jones, Dr John Irving, Matt Kinsey, Ian MacCormick, Alex Phythian-Adams, Prof Robert Roach, Nina Rzechorzek, Dr Alistair Simpson, Andrew Sutherland, Dr Anna Thompson, Dr Mark Toshner and Dr Karen Wood plus a large number of 'volunteer' subjects

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