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Apolobamba 2002

Despite heights and names differing from 'official' maps, the sketch map produced by Paul Hudson in 1993 has proved very useful to subsequent climbers visiting the Cordillera Apolobamba, but it is most unlikely that all the peaks marked as 'unclimbed' remain so. However, this team used it as a basis for their exploration of the Cololo Massif, where they climbed three mountains from a Base Camp at the far eastern end of the Lago Pauoche. The first was Nevado Jacha Huaracha (aka Pelechuco, Pt 5527 and Pt 5488) by its N Face and W Ridge at AD-, although they stopped short of the summit because of a threatening cornice; next came Nevado Nubi, 5,710m, on which they placed an intermediate camp before climbing its W Ridge at AD; and finally an unnamed peak - probably Pt. 5490 on the Hudson map - which they climbed via its E Ridge at F.

June - August 2002
Gareth Gretton with Daniel Carrivick and Jonathan Ellis from UK and Catalina Llado from Spain

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