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Avellano Valley

Recipients of both the Julie Tulis and Alison Chadwick awards, this team of three women travelled to The Avellano Valley in Northern Patagonia where they hoped to establish a new line on the Avenali Tower. After overcoming flooded rivers on their approach in to base camp from Bahia Murta, the team made an HVS ascent of Aonikenk Peak and an E2 line on Avenali Tower. They went on to attempt a further route on a peak close to Aonikenk but were turned back low on route due to inclement weather. The team note that whilst some of the main towers have unclimbed routes available, it is likely that they will prove difficult to protect. That said there are still a number of outlying smaller peaks still unclimbed, whilst the East face of the Avenali Tower could still provide real potential.

January 2018
Freja Shannon, Michelle O’Loughlin, Sasha Doyle