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Baffin Island Ski Mountaineering

This was an exploratory winter journey through the mountains of the Cumberland Peninsular to the E of Weasel Valley and N of Kingnait Fjord. By using specially adapted children's plastic sledges to carry the heaviest gear, rucksack loads were kept down to 20kg. Early in the trip Kentish broke a tooth so retreated back to civilisation to seek treatment. With only a couple of days of bad weather when the temperature rose to O°C, the remainder of the team was able to complete its proposed itinerary and make ascents of 14 peaks, c2,100m, some already bearing cairns. These were achieved with a combination of ski and foot, and most provided excellent descents - sometimes extreme.

April - May 1998
David Williams with Danny Baillie, Rodney Franklin, John Kentish, Ian McKirdy, Graham Rowe and Charles Turner