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Belgorka Valley

Alongside investigating the effects of climate change on

Fedorovich Glacier, the team also had the aims to provide educational training in first aid, photography and glacial research. Snow and ice melt measurements were taken as well as meteorological data and an assessment of glacial outwash.They also mapped glacier’s drift using prominent landforms such as moraines, trimlines and eskers to track its movement. The data gathered will allow for a reconstruction to be completed, and in turn allow a rate of glacial retreat to be calculated. The team initially approached from Bishkek and spent over twenty days gathering their data as well as an ascent of Shirokaya. The second educational part of their expedition involved students joining the team from the American University of Central Asia. After getting them established in camp the expedition members led a number of activities on expedition craft and took students on guided hikes and glacier walks. The y returned to Bishkek for the journey home at the end of July.

June - August 2018
Samuel Gillan, Alex Hyde, Tom Drysdale, Louise Reddy and Calum Sowden

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