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This pair planned to make the first ascent of the N Face of Thunder Mountain, 3,328m, and the first ascent of the W Buttress of Mt Hunter, 4,442m. However, on the former, they were forced to retreat from 300m above the bergschrund due to lack of ice (and protection), and were hit by an avalanche whilst descending. On Hunter, they did rather better, but bad weather and serious rock climbing forced a retreat from 3,000m. However, they had more success on an alternative new route ('Ramen') on the S side of the W Ridge, gaining the ridge at 3450m, above all the difficulties. From a camp at c. 4,000m, where they suffered a short storm, they tried to reach the N summit, but aborted at 4,200m due to dangerous windslab and worsening weather. Finally, they climbed the SW Ridge to the S summit of Hunter, crossed the plateau and descended the W Ridge by their earlier new route. In retrospect, they now think that August would be a better time to attempt their original objectives.

April - May 1999
Dave Wills with Dan Donovan

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