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British Choktoi

This expedition to the Choktoi Glacier had several aims, in some of which they were very successful. On Hanipispur South, 6,047m, they failed to make the first ascent when forced back at c6,000m, only two or three rope-lengths from the summit, owing to bad snow conditions (AD). They did achieve the first ascent of an independent peak, c5,400m, (E of Latok IV) by its NW Ridge (also AD), and reached c5,800m on the unclimbed Choktoi peak, 6,166m, retreating at an impasse on the S Face after climbing at A2 and Scottish V/VI. On the 'Doug Scott Spur' of a 5,000m+ sub-peak of Latok III (A1/2 and VS) they grossly underestimated the time it would take and aborted: on a different (higher) sub-spur, they were weathered off after some sustained climbing at E2.

June - August 1997
Guy Willett with Alex Franklin, Will Garrett, Rhona Hatchell and Colin Spark

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