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British Darwin Range 2007

Using the yacht Iorana (skipper Marcel de Letter from Belgium) to access the Cordillera Darwin Range of Chilean Tierra del Fuego, this pair of climbers originally planned to explore and attempt the fIrst ascent of the 600m south face of Monte Frances (2,200m). The peak had actually been subject to at least three previous ascents over a 40-year period - the most recent being on a trip guided by Yates, who planned to use his previous route for the descent. However, adverse winds and weather made the approach difficult- first by sea and then on land, where steep broken glaciers added to their problems, and Monte Frances was almost devoid of snow and ice. They therefore turned their attention to other peaks, and were successful in making the fIrst ascent of two non-technical (but nevertheless serious and committing) peaks at the head of Seiia Pia, which they named after the yacht - Monte lorana I (2,390m) and Monte lorana II (2,075m).

NB: 'Iorana' means 'good day' in Easter Island Polynesian.

February - March 2007
Simon Yates & Andy Parkin

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