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British Drohmo/Janak

With a base camp at 4,650m on the yak pastures of Lhonak, Camp 1 (Rock Camp) was established at 5,180m on the south side of Drohmo, 6,850m, from which the glacier leading to the S Face was explored. Camp 2 was placed on the glacier at c5,600m and a height of 6,000m+ reached on the South Spur of the South Face, where some equipment was cached. Subsequently and for various reasons, all but one of the team from Britain then departed for home after clearing all the gear from Drohmo. Griffin and the three climbing Sherpas then established a new Camp 1 at 5,240m on the Broken Glacier to the S of Janak (aka Outlier Peak), 7,090m and a Camp 2 at 5,800m. After waiting for an improvement in the weather, the first ascent of The Wave, 6,050m, was achieved: this is one of several distinct tops on the W ridge of Janak/Jongsang and was traversed at AD+. Subsequently they reached 6,250m on a spur leading to the W Ridge. In view of the team strength Griffin decided that it would be unwise to go any further, so no more attempts were made.

April - May 1998
Julian Freeman-Attwood with Lindsay Griffin, Skip Novak and Doug Scott from the UK plus Nawang Karsang, Norbu Zangbu and Sherpa Zangbu from Nepal

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