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British Foraker

After acclimatising on the Moonflower Buttress and West Ridge of Mt Hunter (4,441 m) and the West Buttress of Denali (6,194m), as the weather deteriorated this team turned their attention to their main objective, the first ascent of the 'awesome' 2,000m SE face of Mount Foraker (5,304m). Close examination of the route through binoculars revealed that the most promising route - via some ice runnels on the left-hand side - was threatened by huge seracs, and they decided that returning home alive was more important than climbing a new route. An attempt at the consolation prize of the Infinite Spur on the south side of the mountain was foiled by the onset of a long period of bad weather, so they retreated to the fleshpots of Anchorage.

May - June 2003
Rich Cross with Jon Bracey

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