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British Gongkala 2005

In a brief visit at the end of a previous expedition to Western Sichuan, Isherwood realised the potential for exploration and first ascents in the Gongkala Shan area, so lost no time in arranging this return. In particular it was hoped to climb the two principal peaks - Kawarani I & II (5,992m and 5,928m respectively) (aka Kawaluoren). With no obvious easy routes from the north, the team concentrated on the southern approach where, after initially supporting - and even blessing - the expedition, monks from the local monastery suddenly became aggressive and insisted on them leaving. With little time remaining, they returned to Haizi Shan (5,833m) in the hope of completing the route previously attempted [MEF 04/33] but once again were repulsed by bad weather. However, Rowat and Wynne-Jones made what was probably the first ascent of a consolation peak of 4,800m.

September - October 2005
Dick Isherwood with Toto Gronlund, Peter Rowat and Dave Wynne-Jones plus Nona Rowat as base camp doctor

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