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The following notes summarise reports from recent supported expeditions. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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New Zealand Aghil 1997

Ref: 97/36
August - October 1997
John Nankervis with John Cocks, Tom Davies, David Ellis, Kristen Foley, Dominic Hammond and John Wild
<p>The rarely visited Aghil Mountains lie between the Shaksgam and Zug Shaksgam rivers in Xinjiang Province. The peaks in the north proved to be very difficult to access owing to narrow gorges and ver Read more
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British Sepu Kangri 1997

Ref: 97/31
April - June 1997
Chris Bonington with Charlie Clarke, Jim Curran, Jim Fotheringham, Jim Lowther, John Porter and Duncan Sperry
<p>During a reconnaissance trip in 1996 (96/10), Bonington and Clarke identified the NE Ridge of Seamo Uylmitok as probably the most feasible route to the summit of Sepu Kangri, 6,950m, the highest un Read more
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British Nanchen Tangla

Ref: 97/04
July - August 1997
John Town with Huw Davies
<p>Always on the lookout for obscure peaks, this year Town selected Jomo Gankar (aka Qunghoganeze), 7,048m, in central Tibet, some 100km NNW of Lhasa, and W of the road to Golmud. The lower one-third Read more
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British Sepu Kangri 1998

Ref: 98/44
August - October 1998
Chris Bonington with Graham Little, Scott Muir, Elliot Robertson and Victor Saunders plus Martin Belderson, Dr Charles Clarke, Greig Cubitt, Jim Curran and Rob Franklin as support/film crew
<p>Before the main body of this expedition attempted the principal objective of making the first ascent of Sepu Kangri, 6,956m, in the eastern Nyenchen Tanglha (sometimes known as Nyangla-Qen-Tangla S Read more
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China Connection '97

Ref: 97/50
December 1997
Andy Eavis with Tom Chapman, Steven Clarkson, Paul Flynn, Peter Hall, Gavin Newman, Kevin Senior, Kenny Taylor and Joe Walls
<p>This is a continuation of the 'China Caves' programme that has been supported by the MEF over several years. This time the team selected what was supposed to be the 'dry season' for their attempt t Read more
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China Connection

Ref: 99/48
August - September 1999
Andy Eavis with David Checkley, Stephen Clarkson, Adrian Gregory, Pete Hall, Steve Jones, Kath Jones, Paul Mackrill, Gavin Newman and Kevin Senior
<p>The objective for this continuation of the 'China Caves' programme was a gorge in Sichuan Province (SE China), 10km long, 200m deep and no more than 30m wide, in which a river goes underground, eve Read more
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British Transhimalaya 1999

Ref: 99/14
August - October 1999
Phil Bartlett, Lindsay Griffin, Harry Reeves and Pat Reeves plus Christian Beckwith from the USA
<p>Another virtually untouched group of mountains in the central west of Tibet was discovered by Freeman-Attwood and Griffin during a reconnaissance in 1998: the Transhimalaya or Gangdise Range. The h Read more
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British Jomo Chu

Ref: 99/11
July - August 1999
John Town with Derek Buckle, Gary Hill, Alyson Starling, John Whiteley and Richard Wojtasewski
<p>In 1997 Town discovered a wealth of unclimbed 6,000m peaks in the Western Nyenchen Tanglha Range of Tibet. Unfortunately their return in 1999 coincided with a period of very poor weather with repea Read more
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Guangxi Caves 2000

Ref: 00/38
September - October 2000
Ged Campion with Bruce Bensley, Pascale Battazi, Arthur Clarke, Alan Fletcher, Wiliam Hawkins, Harry Lomas, Stewart Muir, Anthony Penny, Shaun Penny, Mike Pitt, Alister Renton, John Riley, Graham Salmon, Arthur Salmon and John Whalley
<p>A reconnaissance trip to the Lingyun area of Guangxi Province by members of the Yorkshire Ramblers' Club in 1998 indicated potential for much undiscovered cave passage, so this was a return visit t Read more
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British Tibet 2000

Ref: 00/22
July - August 2000
Dr Charles Clarke (with Pasang Choephel, Sesum Dhargye and Gyatso Tsultrem from Tibet
<p>Having already explored the northern, eastern and western approaches to Sepu Kangri in the Eastern Nyenchen Tanglha as part of 96/17, 97/31 and 98/44, Clarke was keen to explore the southern side, Read more