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Zhongdian Caving Expedition

The leader of this team of cave divers had visited the Zhongdian mountains of Yunnan on several previous occasions, but this time hoped that by diving resurgences in the Yangtse valley they might be able to find a way into the large cave system which must exist. For once logistical arrangements went smoothly, and they were ready to dive within five days of leaving UK. All four resurgences were explored, but all were left at underwater limits of exploration. The most notable success was in Hei Shui Dong (Black Water Cave) in which they explored some 200m of new passage, including two sumps. Progress beyond a third sump was stopped due to lack of time and manpower, but no doubt a return trip is already being planned.

December 2010 - January 2011
Dr Hilary Greaves with Philip Rowsell & Mark Smith plus Timothy Bond

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