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Eren Habirga

The Eren Habirga and Borohoru mountains form a heavily glaciated part of the Tien Shan, and stretch c.480km NW from near Urumchi to the Kazakhstan border. They contain more than 20 attractive peaks over 5000m and several hundred over 4000m, only one of which is known to have been climbed. The leader of this team had made a reconnaissance of the eastern area in 2010, and returned to set up a base camp at Ak-Tash, which he hoped would give access to about 10 unclimbed peaks with a wide range of difficulty. Unfortunately, the weather ‘put on a mercurial performance of bewildering variations in visibility and temperature’ and although several peaks were attempted, no summits were reached.

August-September 2011
John Town with Iwonna Hudowaka, Tadeusz Hudowski, Jerry Lovatt and Richard Wojtaszewski (UK)

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