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Cambridge University Mongolia 2005

The best laid plans oft go awry, especially when conditions on the ground fail to match their appearance on maps and satellite photographs. When this duo eventually reached Monhh Khiarhan (4,202m) (Mongolia's second highest mountain) in the Altai Nuruu range, they found that a 70km ridge traverse that had been their prime objective 'looked rather tame' so they turned their attention to the peak itself. This they climbed from the north over a subsidiary peak (spotting footprints of what may have been a snow leopard en route) and returned the same way. After moving to the Tavanbogd National Park, they attempted a route on Huiten (4,374m), the highest peak in Mongolia, but turned back 150m from the summit because of bad weather. However, they did complete what may be a new mixed snow and rock route on a peak of 3,542m to its south-west.

July - August 2005
Alan Dickinson with Tom Lambert

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