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Topographic Catchment Assessment

The original objective of this expedition in the Bomi region of Tibet, was to create a catchment wide topographic survey of Glacier 24K that could assess the sediment cascade through the system. Following an initial field campaign in June 2019, where initial scans were obtained of the catchment, the October expedition spent seven days surveying the glacier including dye tracing, thickness measurements, photographic timelapse and scanning of the main headwall. The expedition also noted obvious visual changes between June and October including changes to the proglacial flow and movement of the stream. The final data analysis is still on-going but should hopefully provide a clear analysis between the two headwall scans (June 2019 and October 2019) using a change detection algorithm to detect differences in the two scans. This would give the first short-term catchment-wide assessment of debris supply to a Himalayan glacier.

October 2019
Rebecca Stewart

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