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British Sepu Kangri 1997

During a reconnaissance trip in 1996 (96/10), Bonington and Clarke identified the NE Ridge of Seamo Uylmitok as probably the most feasible route to the summit of Sepu Kangri, 6,950m, the highest unclimbed peak in the Nyain-Qen-Tanghla Mountains of NE Tibet. This proved to be knife-edged and gendarmed, so they transferred to the NE Face instead. Having reached a height of 6,050m, a possible site for Camp 3 and maybe three days to the summit, the weather broke and the entire face was covered with well over half a metre of snow: the expedition was over.

Meanwhile, taking advantage of some of the expedition's wealth of modern technology, Clarke had telephoned a colleague at Bart's in London —just like that! — to ask for advice on the treatment of a desperately ill local woman. As a result of this long-distance consultation, she made a complete recovery. Clarke should be more than welcome to return with the team in 1998, when they hope to reach the summit of Sepu Kangri.

April - June 1997
Chris Bonington with Charlie Clarke, Jim Curran, Jim Fotheringham, Jim Lowther, John Porter and Duncan Sperry

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