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Haba Xue Shan 2013

Having examined the North side of Haba Xue Shan (5396m) in 2010, this team planned to prospect for caves on the SE Ridge of this peak in Yunnan Province, and carry out initial exploration if resources permitted. The mountain is situated above the Jinsha Jiang (Yangtse River) which was thought to be the site of resurgences, and as the river is at 1600m there is potential for cave depths of well over 3000m. With almost continuous rain and low cloud while they were in the area, visibility was limited, but they managed to do a thorough search from valley level up to a ridge at 4600m. Unfortunately, they discovered that the rock in the area was very thinly bedded and shattered, so that the four small caves that they discovered soon became too tight for further exploration.

August - September 2013
Gavin Lowe with Nick Edwards, Kayleigh Gilkes, Steve Macnamara, Steve Cullagh, Jock Read and Ed Whelan

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