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Hong Meigui Yunnan 2003

This was a follow-up to expedition Ref 02/48, planned to obtain a better understanding of the caves in the extensive mountain area between Jinsha Jiang and Zhongdian in North Yunnan. A total of 57 cave entrances were logged, mostly at altitudes between 3,800m and 4,200m, and although the greatest depth achieved during the trip was only 75m, a large resurgence cave which could not be entered in the high-water summer conditions indicated considerable further potential. So excited was the team that a return visit is already being discussed.

July - August 2003
Hilary Greaves with Helen Blyth, Duncan Collis, Richard Gerrish, Martin Hicks, Martin Laverty, Gavin Lowe, Lenic Saymo and Pete Talling

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