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British Lowell Glacier

As in other areas, most expeditions to the St Elias Range of Canada's Yukon have focused on the higher peaks, with the Lowell glacier receiving little attention, so this team decided there would be plenty of scope for exploration and new routes on the surrounding mountains. However, on arrival they discovered that extremely heavy snowfall in the winter and spring had left the whole area in a very dangerous condition, and initially wondered if they would be able to even reach their chosen peaks. They did a reconnaissance of Pinnacle Peak (3,714m) but did not attempt it, and their hopes of climbing the south face of Lowell Peak (3,630m) were thwarted when the entire slope slid away before their eyes. The only 'safe' line therefore seemed to be the west ridge of Lowell, which they successfully climbed, thus making the second overall ascent of the mountain.

April - May 2007
Simon Richardson & David Hesleden

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