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British Nanda Devi East Expedition

The objective of the expedition was to make a first ascent of the North East Ridge of Nanda Devi East which had previously been attempt in 2015 but Martin Moran and Mark Thomas. With Dave Sharpe already in India, they arranged to meet at base camp on the 5th October, prior to which John Crook made a likely fourth ascent of Nanda Lapak with Sandeep Panwar. The two then continued to acclimatise on Changuch and Nanda Ko but encountered very poor snow conditions and were forced to retreat from 5400m. They then turned to Nanda Devi, where their ultimate attempt on the North East Ridge began positively and established their first bivouac at 5350m with a second at 6150m. Here they were caught for three nights due to the weather which deposited large amounts of snow on route. This left much of the route impossible to protect and blanketed in unstable snow which proved insurmountable and forced a retreat to base camp.

September - November 2018
Dave Sharpe and John Crook

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