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After landing on Cathedral Glacier (bordering Canada and the USA), this team felt that of all the peaks in the area, South Kennedy was the most attractive peak, so decided to concentrate on it. However, snow on 19 of the 21 days spent at BC - some 30cm per hour at its worst - made progress extremely difficult. Their first attempt, up a broad couloir, reached 3,050m before unstable snow forced them back. Much later they reached the col between Mt Kennedy, 4,237m, and Mt Hubbard, 4,557m, but again they were forced to retreat. The local weather station revealed that Mt Fairweather (sic) had suffered even worse conditions than they had, and suggested that the traditional 'dry' season of April/June was now some four weeks late.

May 1999
Jonathan Wakefield with Geoff Hornby, Mike Smith and Paul Vardon

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