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British Qionglai 2004

Mick Fowler's success on Siguniang (6,250m) in 2002 (MEF Ref: 02/32) has alerted other British mountaineers to the scope offered by the Qionglai Range of Sichuan Province, and this team hoped to climb a new route on the N spur or the W ridge of Siguniang itself. However, bad weather intervened, and their attempt on the former was terminated when they met compact slabs overlaid with wet loose snow at 5,200m. In view of its length and the continuing bad weather, the W ridge was not attempted, but two other peaks were tried. On Pt 5672, dangerous avalanche conditions stopped them at 5,500m, and on Pt 5700 they reached 5,400m before meeting similar conditions. However, they did succeed in climbing both Camel Peaks (c5,51Om) - snowy mountains with easy mixed ground.

April - May 2004
Tom Chamberlain with David Evans, Dave Hollinger and Andy Sharpe.

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