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British Tien Shan

An approach to Kirov Peak (6,073m) from the south by way of the Terekty valley (thought never to have been visited by mountaineers) was changed to the Kayndy valley in the light of local advice. However, there proved to be no easy passes from the Upper Kayndy, so two of the party decided to return home, leaving Collister and Cousins to expend much time and effort ploughing through deep fresh snow. The only day of good weather coincided with their one rest day, and the maximum height achieved was 5,400m. The highest peak on the Kayndy/Terekty divide, 5,784m, was climbed, however, and called 'Moelwyn Peak' (Welsh for 'White Hill'), a name that apparently met with the approval of the local people.

July - August 1995
Rob Collister with John Cousins, Lisa Holliday and Alun Hughes

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