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British Zhopu 2007

These climbers - aided by Zheng Lin ('Lenny') Chen, a well known local 'travel consultant' who proved to be an excellent companion - visited the Zhopu Pasture area in Tibet's Shaluli-Shan range with the intention of exploring and attempting a number of first ascents. They were successful on Hati (aka Hadi or Nazdenka, 5,584m) via a gully line on its west face (AD, Scottish Ill, pitch of rock UIAA Ill). They also carried out a reconnaissance of the 5,812m highest peak in the area which Chen insisted was called Garapinsung and not Jarinjabo as marked on Nakamura's map. A period of bad weather in the area then encouraged them to relocate to Tagong, from where they made an attempt on the south face of Haizi Shan (aka Ja Ra or Yala, 5,820m), but after establishing a camp at 4,800m they retreated due to a storm with high temperatures which caused a high risk of avalanche.

April - May 2007
David Gerrard & Dave Sykes

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