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Broad Peak Expedition

Following a 9 day approach, the team aimed to complete one of their two expedition objectives; either a new unclimbed line on the very steep and technical SW face of the central summit, or an attempt on the unclimbed South Ridge. They initially set out to acclimatise on the Normal Route in unsettled weather and reached Camp 3 at 6900m. Given the poor weather Sandy Allen decided to retreat whilst Rick Allen decided to push ahead for the summit. After successfully reaching the summit Rick descended, disappearing from view and failing to reappear to the team below. Fearing an accident the team mobilised a rescue operation, including use of a drone, which located Rick at around 7300m; he had apparently fallen during the descent. Using the drone as guidance Dan Mazur and accompanying Sherpa’s located and brought Rick down to base camp. Given Rick’s injuries the expedition was halted and Rick flown to hospital. Tekieli and Vrba went on to attempt a shorter line in the following days but were turned around after Stanislav sustained a leg injury during rock fall.

June - July 2018
Sandy Allan, Rick Allen, Kacper Tekieli and Stanislav Vrba

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