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Derjchy Glacier Expedition

The team had the main objective of exploring the 4000m peaks around the Derjchy valley. Approaching from Bokonbaevo by truck, the team set their initial camp before establishing base camp at 3000m with the help of local nomads. Weather was unsettled and temperatures unexpectedly high leading to much of the glacier and snow cover being in a poor and dangerous state. Two groups left camp on the 16th July with objectives on 4500m peaks at the head of the valley. Both party’s were turned around, encountering poor snow and loose rock. Upon returning to ABC, they decided to descend lower to base camp and request a pick-up on account of further poor weather expected and the lack of safe conditions.

July 2018
David Bird, German Dector-Vega, Charley Hinds, Dante Makin, Dave Milner, Amelia Powys, Isobel Stoddart and Luke Travis

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