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Eagle Ski Club Liverpool Land

This team planned to explore the coastal mountains of the Himmerland Peninsular in Liverpool Land (East Greenland) and make as many first ascents as possible on ski. From the head of Narratfjord (adjacent to some hot springs) they explored to east and west, making 4 first ascents. Moving south to Frydendal, they then climbed an unnamed 825m peak to the west. Further south still they climbed an 1100m peak to the east of Mariager Fjord, before evacuating to Scoresbyssund by snowmobile.

April - May 2013
Dave Wynne-Jones with Dr Philippa Cockman, Stuart Gallagher, Adele Long, Dr Declan Phelan, Howard Pollitt and John Russell plus Blackie – a dog taken as ‘polar bear alert/deterrent’.

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