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Greenland North Liverpool Land Expedition

In a highly prolific expedition the team climbed eight new routes and summited eleven new peaks from the Neild Bugt Glacier. They found conditions to initially be far colder and under greater snowfall than when they were previously there in 2015. Nonetheless they set about a number of routes on Høngbjerg, Kuldefjeld, and Longridge Peak as well as summits in the Hulya and Seven Dwarfs groups. Their attention then turned to what potential objectives might lie further afield, and struck out on skis. They found a promising number of peaks which would provide excellent future exploration and discovered significant retreat of the glacier. Returning to camp, the largely excellent weather turned, nearly burying two base camp tents and ultimately heralding the end of the trip.

April - May 2018
Simon Richardson, James Gregson, Sandra Gregson, Ingrid Baber, Mark Robson and Ron Kenyon

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