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Eastern Huayhuash 2007

The original objectives of this team - all current or former members of the University of Birmingham Mountaineering Club - were to explore the western side of the southern spur of the CordilIera Huayhuash and climb the west face of Jirishanco Chico (5,467m). But on arrival in the area, the intended route was seen to be threatened by unstable snow formations, and an attempt was deemed unjustifiable. However, they did climb three new routes in the area - the east ridge of Quesillo (5,600m) at TD-, and both the North ridge and NE face of Huaraca (5,537m), both D. Moving to the CordilIera Blanca, they climbed a new route on the SE ridge of Point 5,325m on Nevado Ulta (AD) and later abandoned an attempt on the SW face of Urus O,ste (5420m) at half height when further progress would have entailed a bivouac, for which they were not equipped.

July - September 2007
Carl Reilly, Tom Bide, Lewis Fogarty, Martin Lane & Graeme Schofield

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