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Edinburgh Andean 1958

The expedition spent a week conducting physiological research in the Cochas range of the Cordillera Central after which they made the first ascents of three peaks. Wallace and Emslie made the first ascent of Tunshu (5660m) via the mountain's northeast ridge before teaming up with Simpson for the first ascent of Tatajaico (5342m). Wallace and Simpson then partnered for an ascent of Tembladera. They subsequently joined up with their French compatriots and relocated to the Cordillera Blanca where they climbed Huantsán Chico (5703m) and Rurec East. The Frenchmen departed and the group was joined by Dr Fabian with whom they made the second ascents of San Juan and Chinchey (6309m) by new routes. Simpson, Wallace and Emslie also repeated a new route up the south face and ridge of Huascarán, pioneered by an American team a month prior.

July - August 1958
Dr. Hugh Simpson, William Wallace, Miss Myrtle L. Emslie, Dr. Derek Fabian with Henri Chanzy and Yves Merle d’Aubigné from France

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