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FRCC Cordillera Carabaya 2007

The main aim of this team was to explore the little visited CordilIera Carabaya of Peru (which lies SE of the Cordillera Vilcanota, not far from the Bolivian border) and make the first ascent of the south ridge/face of Chichiccapac (5,564m), the second highest peak in the area. The journey to their base camp at the western end of Laguna Chambine was something of an epic, but once there, they set to work to acclimatise, first by climbing an apparently virgin rock tower (5,200m) which they named Fiesta Peak. But a reconnaissance of the South face of Chichiccapac revealed that much of it was threatened by cornices and seracs, making it too dangerous to attempt. However, they were able to make the first ascent of its north ridge (D), and also the first ascents of Mamaccapac (c5,450m, PD) and the south ridge of Cornice (5,660m) (D)

June - July 2007
Stephen Reid, Mike Cocker & Jonathan Preston

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