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Greenland 1998 - In the Steps of Tilman

Before he was lost at sea in 1977, Bill Tilman had proved the practicality of combining climbing with sailing, particularly in Greenland. Following the same pattern, this team sailed - two for the first time - from UK through Atlantic storms to the west coast of Greenland, and then, after repairs, used the boat - a 10 metre sloop - as 'base camp'. Their initial objectives were peaks on the Akuliarusinguaq Peninsular, mostly unnamed. Climbing as separate pairs, (probable) first ascents were made of Pt. 2180, Pt. 2080, 'The Old Man' (c1,800m), Pt. 2168, Pt. 1941, Pt. 2060, Sorte Pyramide (1,558m), Pt. 2030, and three Pts. 1990. Moving round to the headland of Sanderson's Hope, they then climbed a couple of routes on the N face direct from the boat, one of 800m and the other 600m, before making another storm-lashed crossing back to the UK. This was a very creditable expedition commemorating the 21st anniversary of Tilman's disappearance.

June - September 1998
Rev Bob Shepton with Steve Marshall, Brian Newham and Annie Wilson plus Danuska Rycerz from Poland

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