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Greenland 2001 - Tilman in a New Millennium (Year 2)

In 2000, this leader sailed his 10m sloop Dodo's Delight from Scotland to commence an exploration of mountains close to the west coast of Greenland (MEF Ref 00/09). After wintering the boat in Greenland, a year later he flew out to continue his exploration a little further inland. First ascents were made of seven peaks c.2,000m on the Akuliarusinguaq Peninsula and of two rock climbs in the Upernavik area. With a modified team he then sailed to Bylot Island (north of Baffin) where Shepton and Maxwell repeated the epic ski traverse made by Bill Tilman and Bruce Reid in 1963: this took them ten days and they made first ascents of eight peaks en route. Meanwhile, the girls made a longer but faster N-S traverse, with no ascents. The two-year project was completed by sailing the boat back to Scotland.

June - September 2001
Rev Bob Shepton with Mat Goodyear, Andy Prosser and Peter Maxwell in Greenland and Brian Duchart, Pat Duchart, Peter Maxwell, Polly Murray and Tash Wright on Bylot Island)

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