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Greenland Sail to Climb 2019

After 3 years of planning, the expedition set sail from the UK to Greenland, aiming to explore north of Nuuk as far as Uummannaq Fjord and establish new routes along the coast as they went. After purchasing and refitting a 1973 32ft Rival the initial team members set sail from Mallaig on the 28th May and negotiated winds up to gale force 9 to arrive in Nuuk on the 13th June. After repairing the vessel and resting in Nuuk they set out for Storo Island and made the first ascent of a 250m route they graded HVS 5a. From here they continued to Manitsoq where they made further ascents, including an aborted attempt on a route on the Shark’s Fin Wall. Henry joined the team in Sisimuit and they continued to Uummannaq, stopping at the Disko Fjord on the way and finally Ukalilik Island, where they made an ascent of ‘Arctic Heat Stroke’, an E4 line on the island’s southern spit. They attempted a further route on Uummannaq Peak but retreated and moved on to Drygalskis Halvo for further exploring but the weather turned which prevented any climbing. On their return they stopped again in the Uummannaq area where they made a repeat ascent of Ben Ditto and Olivier Farversse’s route ‘Married Men’s Way’ (E3) and another line in Drygalskis’ south western bay. After returning to Mantisoq for repairs to the boat, they continued on to Nuuk where they met with Oscar who accompanied them on their journey back to the UK.

May - September 2019
Gabriel Clarke, James Steevenson, Sam Nunn, Henry Francis, Mark Harris and Oscar Van Simina

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