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Greenland Winter

No-one was known to have previously visited the Schweizerland area in winter, so this team was uncertain what conditions would be experienced. In fact, the weather was very unstable with 5 storms and the longest spell of good weather lasting 4 days: temperatures were down to -35°C. Nevertheless, Bracey and Powell made the first ascent of the N Face of Tupilak, 2,264m - which was the main objective of the expedition - via a 900m ED2 route, Silence of the Seracs, entailing 2 bivouacs. Halstead and Morgan achieved the second objective by climbing a new 1,100m-route (TD, VI, 6) on the S Face of Rodebjerg, 2,140m. Using ski, a number of other peaks were climbed, followed by exciting descents of 40-50 degree couloirs.

April 2001
Alun Powell with Jon Bracey, 'Stan' (Charles) Halstead and Dr Jon Morgan

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